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Who’s the DJ?

There’s a new night in town – Cellar Door gives you a series of exciting DJs throughout the night, but they’re not going to tell you who they are until you get there!

“From running and being involved with events in Cardiff and across Wales since the early 90’s, the team realised that as times changed, the promoter seemed to be as much of the focus as the night itself.

“We want to get back to roots and put the focus firmly on the party and nothing else! It is also rather exciting trying to fill a night based on ‘Undercover local DJ’s’, rather than BIG NAMES on flyers.

“Our aim is to use quality local talent playing mostly – Tech House, House and Progressive, but also we may have a really nice chilled out bar vibe in room two. Saying that, if a choon is good and we think it fits the time of the night and the vibe, we will play it and we are happy for any DJ’s that play for us to do the same. We are not one of those music outfits that is only into one specific genre. Our ears are open to a wide range of sounds and styles.”

Cellar Door has already sold 150 early bird tickets for the night at The Vaults via Facebook, so there are about 200 more up for grabs and about to go on sale here:


and also at A Two Merthyr and Catapult.

For more information visit their Facebook page.


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